HEXR 3D Printed Cycling Helmets Shipping Started

HEXR 3D Printed Cycling Helmets Shipping Started

British startup Hexr has completed the final stage of testing its 3D printed HEXR (formerly known as HEXO) bicycle helmet and is starting to send orders to customers.

At the heart of the helmet is a honeycomb-style 3D-printed design using EOS SLS technology. Each HEXR helmet is tailored to the user’s individual anatomy – 3D scan data is collected using the app. Thus, a lightweight and reliable helmet is ideal for a specific client. On the HEXR website, the helmet can be ordered for $ 425, 3D scanning is included in the price.

The company believes that HEXR helmets are capable of revolutionizing the bicycle protection market, where “there has been no innovation for 60 years.” Startup founder Jamie Cook began exploring this topic while studying at University College London. It was then that he determined that most impact absorption technologies are based on a flat contact area – not curved like a human skull. Cook continued his research at Oxford, where he was able to use 3D printing to create insulated curved hexagonal structures made of Polyamide 11, which formed the basis of the HEXR helmet. Since then, Cook has worked on improving the HEXR helmets and bringing them to market.

The key advantage of the new product is the possibility of personalization provided by 3D printing. The unique HEXR 3D scanning software generates a 3D head model in a grid with 30,000 points – this precision ensures a perfect fit. After placing an order on the HEXR website, the buyer can sign up at the company’s headquarters in London or receive a 3D scanner in the mail to create a digital head model. Having received the necessary data, the team proceeds to the manufacture of an individual helmet – this process takes 2-4 weeks.

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